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NV Business License #B20-00318-K-101044 • NV Process Servers License #1068
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We Provide These Attorney Services

Process Serving / Stakeouts - Runner Services / Special Delivery Services - Copy / Scan / Print / Shredding - Document Services - Complete Court Services / Governmental Agencies - Skip Tracing Services (locating evasive persons) - In-House Legal Support (Personal Legal Support Services) - Notary Public / Mobile Notary Services - Our Services Are Available Nationwide

Service of Process & Related Services

  • NV - Business License #: B20-00318-K-101044
  • NV - Process Servers License #: 1068
  • Flat service rates and unlimited attempts.
  • That's right - we do not charge for additional attempts! (at the same service location)
  • We go until we verify if either it's a bad address or we serve the paper!
  • Our servers call you from the field to notify you of status!
  • We do not charge milage when serving in Clark County!
  • Registered and bonded, experienced process servers.
  • Stakeouts and evasive person locating services.
  • Online status updated and emailed daily.
  • Prompt return of the finished proof of service, we can also upload it to you on line.
  • Performance of due diligence for all unattainable service requests.
  • We can advance witness fees for you at the court to avoid delays. (based on your current account status)
  • Nationwide Process Serving Available.

Skip-Tracing (locating evasive persons) & Background Information Services

  • National network of professional investigators.
  • Credit History Reports.
  • Civil and Criminal court records.
  • Business and Corporate records.
  • Real estate / property searches.
  • Postal Locator searches.
  • Military (active or standby) locator
  • Stakeouts, Daily Activity Interceptors, and Common Place Discreet Services.

Messenger (Runner) Services

  • Special Deliveries and Timed Pickups
  • An experienced team of dispatchers and drivers coordinate constantly to ensure that your deliveries are completed on time.
  • Our Runners have daily routes at which we visit our clients offices anywhere from once daily, twice daily, even weekly at scheduled pickup times. Having this team of Runners driving around all day, we can easily customize a pick-up time that meets your needs. This service is offered in the Las Vegas valley and immediate surrounding areas.
  • Our Runners and Special Delivery Drivers complete all deliveries from point A to point B according to your specifications.
  • Our Runners are always equipped with two-way radios and are in direct communication with our dispatch center.
  • Special Delivery Drivers are available for any critical errands or time sensitive jobs that may come about.
  • Online status can be requested at anytime.
  • Nationwide Services are available! We have an extensive list of qualified agents trickled throughout the states.

Electronic Court Filing

  • We'll eFile All Your Court Filings At A Fraction Of What WizNet Charges (Get More Great Deals When You're a Current PrePaid Monthly Messenger Client)
  • Don't pay those WizNet fees for "non-rush" filings, send them to us!
  • Submit your filing requests directly to us via our on-line ordering system "eWay". It's easy to use, instantly submit your filing requests (no waiting for an in-office pickup), it's paperless and it's FREE!
  • You Ask: How can Junes Legal submit eFilings for Free??? We scan all hard copy (paper) filing requests from our clients at our office and save them to a flash drive. Then we download all eFile requests that our clients have submitted via our "eWay" on-line ordering system and save those to another flash drive. Then our court runner takes those flash drives to the clerks kiosk and we file your documents directly to the court.
  • When you use our on-line ordering system "eWay", you'll receive email confirmations.
  • eFiling has become such a popular service with our clients, we've had to dedicate a full time - office position in order to properly manage the work flow!

Copy, Scan, Print & Shred Document Litigation Services

  • We offer complete Document Copy Services. (the traditional copy center services, Paper to Paper)
  • Paperless?? We do Document Scanning - for less! (all of our "copying" is actually done via high-speed production document scanners)
  • Document Scanning = NO printed paper = less associated costs, which we pass on to you. (Scanning vs Paper: Scanning costs considerably less, saving you money)
  • Our staff in the Copy / Scan Center is the best - they are the one factor that really sets us apart from any other service! The copy crew is an experienced team of dedicated individuals, true perfectionists with amazing attention to details.
  • The Copy Crews' motto: "Only Great Work is Rewarded With More Work"!
  • Experience the difference and give us a try on your next Copy / Scan Request. Receive 10% off your first Copy / Scan Request - ask us how.

In-House Legal Support, Full Services

  • Highly trained resident administrator
  • Working closely under the same roof - we will replace the "on staff" messengers or copy clerks, all the associated overhead, personnel recruiting, job training and administrative resources, with an experienced professional representative.
  • All of the attorney services we provide tailored specifically to maximum your firms efficiency.
  • We provide services that allow our clients to focus on their core business, the freedom to complete the job at hand.
  • Helping our clients to achieve new operational levels of quality and efficiency
  • Junes Legal Services Professionals will enhance overall productivity and marginally reduce valuable resources.

Nationwide Services & Trusted Affiliates

  • We have an extensive network of affiliates that have proven quality workmanship.
  • Over the years we have had to build many out-of-state working relationships and with confidence, we solicit all of our legal support services in all of the 50 United States.
  • Notary public services are available anytime at our local street address, and should you require an on-site notary, we can be mobile at a moments notice.
  • A recognized Member of the CAPPS community. (California Association of Photocopiers and Process servers)
  • A proud Member of NAPPS for many years. (National Association of Photocopiers and Process servers)